Center of Instruction and Learning Resource

Section for Supporting Instruction
  • 1.Teachers developing
  • 2.Teaching material designing
  • 3.International perspective expanding
  • 4.Courses planning
  • 5.Interdisciplinary program popularizing
  • 6.Teaching lectures managing
  • 7.Excellent teachers rewarding
  • 8.Groups of teacher professional growth popularizing
Section for Supporting Learning
  • 1.Student learning tutoring
  • 2.Students' career planning and inspecting
  • 3.Multiple mechanisms of career guiding
  • 4.Professional bridging courses for freshman consulting
  • 5.Establishing the system of double mentors for improving student's career planning
  • 6.Managing events about teaching assistants
Section for Supporting Digital Environment
  • 1.Managing the e-classroom
  • 2.Assisting the event about uploading teaching material
  • 3.Integrating the resources of e-learning
  • 4.Constituting the environment of excellent teaching and learning
  • 5.Developing adaptive system of learning management
Section for Teaching Assessment
  • 1.Teacher consulting
  • 2.The learning effect of students examining
  • 3.Driving the events of teaching evaluation